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The Only Platform
for Complete 
IITJEE Mentorship

We Help Sincere JEE Aspirants Massively Improve their Preparation in a Short Span of Time by Mentoring them to Perform at their Peak through Scientific Methods and Data-driven Mentorship.

This is Going to change JEE forever...

I've been a Mentor to Thousands for over Half a Decade now and Impacted the Scores of Thousands of JEE Aspirants...

But I am NOT AT ALL SATISFIED by the Poor Cutoff that we have.

Out of nearly 10 Lakh students, not even 1 Lakh Students are getting 1/3rd Score in an Easy Paper like JEE Main even in 2020s...

That means that in the Age when Technology will matter the most (in 2030s...), we will have Poor Engineers.

That means that our School and Coaching System has COMPLETELY FAILED!

ALL BECAUSE WE HAVEN'T Developed Teachers, Mentors, Right Resources and Technological Infrastructure to Teach and Train Students.


But we are Going to Change that forever...

Starting from Scaling Mentorship to Lakhs of JEE Aspirants through Technology and Research in the Mentorship Programs.

Just imagine...

If Lakhs of JEE Aspirants get the Best Mentorship Possible, what will happen?

1. Competition will Get Super Tough Obviously
2. Cutoff will be way above 200+ in JEE Main
3. We'll have Better Students in All Colleges, not just IITs
4. We'll have much Better Engineers, Professionals and Entrepreneurs


How will I and my Team Mentor you ALL? 

Obviously, talking One-One is Far from Solution.

Because it is Time wasting, There are too many students, not that many mentors and all mentors are obviously not the best mentors.

So, we'll
SCALE ME to Mentor you ALL!

And that happens through the Team and Tech used in forming the Mentorship Program.


What's the Program and How it works?

What EXACTLY a JEE Aspirant needs in his/her Preparation?

Let me list the Top 5 Fundamental things...

1. Right Methods and Directions to Study
2. Right Resources to Study from
3. Solution to Problems he/she faces
4. Ways to Enhance Abilities

5. Right Environment of Dedicated Students

We make ALL 5 of them (and more) available to every student who joins the Program.


Right Methods

There are a lot of Activities that a JEE Aspirant has to do on a Regular Basis to conduct his/her JEE Preparation. Few of them are...

1. Reading
2. Thinking (to Understand)

3. Making Notes
4. Revision
5. Learning from Examples and Illustration
6. Practicing Level 0, 1, 2 and 3 Questions
7. Solving Doubts
8. Solving Test Papers
9. Analyzing Test Papers
10. Planning a Day, Week
 or Month
11. Keeping Track of Preparation
12. Problem Solving

And much more...

You can either do these Activities randomly or you can do EACH of them with the Best Method possible - the Most Efficient One.

In your JEE Preparation, Performance and Result depends on how Effective your Methods of doing these Activities are.

Therefore, I teach my Mentees the Best Possible Methods and that's why they Improve a lot within weeks and months.

And I'll teach them to Lakhs of JEE Aspirants through the Mentorship Program.

Why my Methods are the Best Methods?

Because nobody has worked on it more than I have with this much in-depth Research (finding the best methods), Ground work (guiding over 5000 JEE Aspirants personally in a year), Intelligence and some Real Life work (not just classroom non-sense)


There is no better Learner than me. I am working on creating such people. But right now, there is none who knows this much about JEE.

I can do this BEST because I am a Learner of Multiple Skills. I know Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of JEE to the Deepest Level Possible, I have learnt Business Skills, Speaking Skills, Writing Skills, Programming and Web Development Skills, Designing Skills, Teaching and Training Skills. Also, I am a man of Martial Arts. 

All these skills to a level that I am teaching them now to other people. All that in 5 years.

All that could happen because I know something about Learning, Skill-Building, Growth, Education and Human Mind that others don't know.

I am telling you all this because this is what you could do if you learn the EXTRACT OF IT which is RELEVANT FOR JEE from me.


Right Resources

In the Program, there will be a Facility to Find what's best for you depending upon...

1. Your Current Level
2. Your Desired Level
3. Topic/Chapter/Subject
4. JEE Main/Advanced/Below JM/Above JA
5. Purpose you want to Achieve

Either a Mentor or an AI Tool will suggest you the Best Resources Possible based on all those 5 Factors and also tell you why he/she/it chose what it chose so that you have ultimate clarity of what you are doing.


Solutions to Problems

In the process of JEE Preparation, a JEE Aspirant faces several Problems, Confusions and Challenges...

Suppose, the Solutions to ALL of them become Accessible to you.

1. Not able to Find Time for Self Study
2. Not able to Finish Backlogs
3. Too many Doubts are coming
4. Questions are Taking Time
5. Not able to perform in Tests as good as at Home
6. Struggling in Advanced Level Problems 
7. Not able to Study for Long
8. Struggling to Score More
9. Not able to Manage Time or Balance Subjects
10. Struggling in Weak Topic/Chapter/Subject
11. Fighting Procra
12. ...

There are 100+ Problems you are facing, have faced in the past or will face in the future as you will increase your work.

It is Extremely Important to know the way out of these Problems and do the Right Solutions within Time.

Therefore we give instant access to the Solutions to these Problems to Students.


Ways to Enhance Abilities

Mostly Students believe that JEE Preparation is just about studying Theory from Lectures and Practicing maximum number of Questions...

But, there's much more in JEE Preparation than Theory and Practice...

1. Ability to be Coachable
2. Ability to Learn
3. Ability to Pay Attention
4. Ability to Understand the Concepts in depth 
5. Problem Solving Ability
6. Ability to Solve Multi-Concepts Questions with Ease
7. Paper Solving Ability
8. Ability to Understand how your Mind Works
9. Read Theory from Books
10. Remember/Retain more and better
11. Ability to Notice your Mistakes
12. Ability to Plan
13. Ability to Execute
14. ...

There are many such Abilities which you must Enhance to BECOME FULLY ABLED in your JEE Preparation. 

Enhancing these Abilities will not only help you Achieve a High Rank in JEE, but also enable you to do other kinds of Works After your JEE which you'll see others are simply disabled to do because they haven't invested the time in their Growth.

In the Mentorship Program, I'll teach you all the ways to become more abled in any aspect you need to be highly capable in. 


Community of Dedicated Students

You are an average of 5 people you live around with...

If you live around undedicated, unguided, less scoring, depresssive, illogical, weak JEE Aspirants... 

Guess how your preparation is going to be.

It'll be EXACTLY like them in one way or other!

One thing is certain...

You'll never reach your FULL Potential.

And I don't want that in any case!

Therefore I keep my students in a Right Environment of Sincere, Dedicated, Well-Guided, Like-minded Students with Large Goals and those who are challenging themselves to take Massive Action each day.


JEE is changed forever

Until JEE 2022 not even 1000 students received such Level of Mentorship, just imagine what would happen if Lakhs of JEE Aspirants received it. 

1. Right Methods and Directions to Study

2. Right Resources to Study from
3. Solution to Problems he/she faces
4. Ways to Enhance Abilities
5. Right Environment of Dedicated Students

The game will be changed. And it is changing...

We are reaching thousands of students every single month.

And as I am the creator of it, no one can copy me. That means their is no match for mentees, there is no match for you.

There is no match between the Guided and the Misguided!

Obviously, Competition will get 10 times Tougher, but you will also become 10 times (or more) Better.


If you want to make the change in yourself...

You can join the Mentorship Program as soon as you realize it's importance.

Program Details


1. On-demand recordings : Accessible 24x7
2. Live Sessions in Group/Live : Announced Beforehand (Recordings available)

Time Involvement

Mentorship applies in your whole preparation. Although content (instructions) will be concise and to-the-point. Only 30-60 minutes a day. But the implementation will be spread over complete preparation.

Program Contents

Fully Described above. Those 5 Fundamentals...

1. Right Methods and Directions to Study

2. Right Resources to Study from
3. Solution to Problems he/she faces
4. Ways to Enhance Abilities
5. Right Environment of Dedicated Students

ALL THE BEST for the Upcoming Change!

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