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1 Year Gone.
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​Wipe Out Confusions that have been Holding you Back in the "Gone" Year...
Re-start your JEE 2023 Preparation with Full Clarity in the Year "Left".

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What is Clarity Movement?

​Parth Bhaiya will answer 1000+ QUESTIONS on the Internet in the Month of April for JEE 2023 Aspirants, so that they can spend their Last Year
of JEE Preparation with Absolute Clarity.

It is a Movement in which Parth Chopra and Team TJC, will answer questions of JEE 2023 Aspirants.

We will answer all kinds of Questions JEE Aspirants want to ask to us on YT, Quora, Blog, Community - Everywhere!

We are doing this so that JEE 2023 Aspirants start their Next Year of JEE Aspirants with No Confusions. But Clarity!

Students, Teachers, Past JEE Aspirants, IITians... everyone can Join us in the Clarity Movement. Click on the "
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1000+ Questions

Get Ready with your Questions JEE 2023 Aspirants!

JEE 2023

From Confusion to Clarity

Let's make this a Movement!

We'll call it -

"Clarity Movement"

Clarity Movement Updates

Day 1

Clarity Movement Day 1


45 Minutes Live QnA Webinars


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Questions Asked in the Live QnA Webinars


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Most Asked Questions... Answered!

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What are some tips for cracking the JEE Mains?


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What is the key difference in the preparation of the JEE Mains and Advance?


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Which books should I prefer for JEE main?


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How do I start studying for JEE main and Advanced preparation?


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Are NCERT books enough for the JEE Main?


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What should I do to pass in the JEE Mains in 20 days?


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JEE 2023 Aspirants!

From Confusion to Clarity

It's time to clear the confusions which have been Preventing you from bringing Great Results!

Destroy the Confusions which have been Suppressing you from Unleashing your Potential!

Let's Make "The Left 1 Year" of JEE 2023 Preparation, the Year Full of Accomplishments!

Join the Movement!

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Which books should I prefer for JEE main?

How do I start studying for JEE main and advanced preparation?

What are the best organic chemistry video lecture on YouTube?

Which are the best books for organic chemistry for IIT JEE?

Can I clear the JEE if I wasted 11th completely (without taking a drop)? If yes, then how?

Is Jee Mains easy?

I don't know even basics of JEE, Can I expect that I could at least qualify Mains?

Are NCERT books enough for the JEE Mains?

I am a class 12 JEE main aspirant and messed up my 11th class. What should I do now?

What should I do if I keep forgetting chemistry?

What is the importance and application of organic chemistry?

Is there any prediction for the JEE 2023?

What is the difference between Jee Mains and Jee Advanced?

What are some last month preparation tips for the JEE Mains?

What is the key difference in the preparation of the JEE Mains and Advance?

What is the best book to prepare Organic Chemistry for JEE Mains and advanced?

What are the best ways to study organic chemistry?

Why do we need to study organic chemistry?

Is RD Sharma of Class XI & XII enough for JEE Mains & Advanced Maths Preparation?

How do I cope with stress during IIT-JEE preparations?



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